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Jim’s Bushcraft Parties

branding / web design

Jim’s Bushcraft Parties organise bespoke bushcraft and survival themed parties for both children and adults alike.

I created a new visual identity that needed to both embody the hands-on, action-packed, outdoor adventure that kids (aged 6-12) love, whilst also appealing to parents that want to provide their children with a different type of party that delivers a fun, educational and memorable day. The identity needed to be applied across web and print.

The primary logo is a real back-to-basics, simple and effective wordmark.

The secondary logo is a simplified version of the primary logo. Intended to further identify the company visuals and for use when the logo needs to be resized to small formats.

The colour palette is based on the main shades of green in the Indian Army Uniform colour scheme. To reflect the nature element of Jim’s Bushcraft Parties, complimentary shades of brown are also combined to evoke the muddy and outdoorsy feel of bushcraft.

A set of custom illustrated icons were created for each bushcraft activity that Jim provides.

Fully responsive website design.

Choosing Steve for this project was an excellent decision. He created a simple step-by-step guide which allowed me to be involved as much as I wanted from start to finish, allowing me to share my ideas and options along the way.

We arranged a realistic time of completion for both the branding and the website design phases for my new business. We had a constant line of communication via email and the odd phone call for the duration of the project, which I found very helpful. If there was anything that I was unsure about, Steve was always there to give me a professional opinion regarding design choices, colour schemes, increasing website traffic etc.

To my surprise Steve finished my website and tied up all the loose ends two weeks before my desired completion date. This allowed me to test my new site and have my peers feedback. This enabled us to add a few finishing touches and to collect as much feedback as possible.

This was my first website and I am ecstatic with the results and excited for the future of my business. I highly recommend this guy!

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